In addition to the American Ice Cream Awards finale which will feature flavors from all 50 states and your ability to vote for the regional winners the Boise Ice Cream Festival in 2021 will have a dozen other events between June 4th and June 19th including:

-June 4th: Kick off event at JUMP: Idaho ice cream and food truck rally

-Date TBD: Collaboration events with local scoop shops

-Date TBD: Boise brewery beer launch featuring ice cream/candy as a key flavor component

-Date TBD: Pedals n Pints (of ice cream)

-Date TBD: Comedy Trolley Tour of Boise

-Date TBD: Unique local restaurant ice cream offerings by top Boise pastry chefs

-Date TBD: Kids day activities

-Date TBD: Affogatos event at a local coffee shop

-Date TBD: Homemade ice cream chef demos

-Date TBD: Event at a local Boise dairy…..moooooo

-Date TBD: Free farmers market event featuring unique flavors made with some of Boise’s favorite producers

-Date TBD: Creamy cocktails event

-Date TBD: Specials at Boise’s drive-ins

Saturday 06/19/2021 American Ice Cream Awards finale. Come sample flavors from all across the country and vote for the winners of the regional championships.