Video produced by Front Runner Films of Boise

The festival will feature a series of decentralized events around Boise. The festival will go from Tuesday May 28th to Saturday June 15th. The festival will highlight locally made ice cream, delicious flavors, creative flavors, restaurant collaborations, and exclusive chef creations. The festival will also feature a big finale called The Grand Tasting, our premier event, featuring over 200+ flavors of ice cream to sample.

Grand Tasting:

Guests who attend our Grand Tasting will be invited to sample more flavors and combinations of ice cream than is available to taste anywhere else in the United States. Guests will be invited to select samples from 200+ flavors of ice cream from a dozen local and regional ice cream producers with additional sprinkle stations and topping options. Guests will purchase tickets to one of three 90 minute sessions offered on Saturday June 15th to be held at JUMP in downtown Boise. Ticketed guests will receive up to 120 free samples during the event. There will be live entertainment and other activities.


The Collaborate events will feature the best local ice cream producers paired with some of the top Boise restaurants. On select nights you will be able to enjoy a FREE inspired selection of ice cream creations after your meal. The pairings will compliment your dining experience and end your dinner with a smile.

Drive Up:

The Drive Up events will highlight Boise’s historic drive-in scene. Many of these places have roots that began over 70 years ago and continue to evolve and serve the Boise area. Several of them feature iconic outdoor signs and sell burgers, fries, soft serve, sundaes, milkshakes and so much more. These events will feature some new flavors and items made specifically for the festival. It will be a great reason to gather with family and friends and enjoy a special outdoor memory.

Chef Inspired:

The Chef Inspired events will be similar to our Collaboration event but will feature local head chefs and pastry chefs creating their own frozen feature desserts. The desserts will be available for a limited time on their menu and feature several exciting culinary twists sure to delight.


Our Explore events feature a mixture of learning, laughing, and tasting opportunities. We’ll look outside the box at other uses of dairy and ice cream beyond the cone. We intended to push your understanding of the local food scene by connecting you with ice cream makers, pastry chefs, baristas, bar tenders, and influencers. There will also be a few fun family events involving trolleys, comedians, and 15 person bicycles.